Sea Freight

There are always up and downsides of every service. Sea freight may be the most popular mode of transport around the world. Millions of containers and CBMs are moved every day. Carriers are competing in price and services aggressively. Sea freight shipping has been a preferred mode for many shippers around the world.

Is Sea freight always the best option?

It may occur to many shippers that sea freight is the best and best-priced option to get your cargo delivered to the desired location. But, is sea freight always the best option? Is it more convenient to run to sea carriers whenever you have a shipment?

It is fair to say that sometimes other modes could be a smarter choice than sea freight. You can’t book a container if you are shipping a small carton of 10 pounds (4.50 kgs), courier may be the best option, and if the shipment is larger maybe 100-200 pounds (45 – 90 Kgs) air freight will be a good option. By good option, meaning a good price vs. transit time. There is a breakeven point to switch from any service to another in terms of price.